About the Company

Company locationEko-Natura S.C. is a polish family company based entirely on Polish capital, promoting healthy eating habits and high value product in the Polish food market.

Eko-Natura operates in the vicinity of the Protected Landscape Park of the Valley Grabia River.
This arrangement allows us to use in a straight line from the uncontaminated goods of the nature that we use for producing your drinks and juices without the use of preservatives and chemicals. The company is engaged in the production of healthy food with a focus on natural organic beverages , of which the flagship product of an Eco Traditional Kvass bread drink. His production we relied on natural ingredients used in the fermentation process by centuries-old recipes of origin.

Apart from kvass,  in our offer you can find also other natural drinks such as having health benefits beet juice acidified by rye bread or celery juice acidified by rye bread.

June 2, 2011. in accordance with the Act of the registration and protection of names and designations of agricultural products and foodstuffs on traditional products "kvass bread drink" was inscribed on the List of Traditional Products kept by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. From 31 January 2013 we have a certificate of conformity in the field of processing organic products for our products.

We make every effort to ensure that the quality of our products has always been at the highest level and satisfied the tastes and flavors of our customers.



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