Bread drink

Bread drink

EKO - NATURA S. C. engaged in the production of healthy and organic food with a focus on natural beverages from which main products are natural and eco-friendly Bread Drinks. Their production accordingly we relied on natural and derived from certified organic ingredients used in the process and fermentation by centuries-old recipes of origin. Bread drink is a drink of centuries-old traditions and the many health benefits and taste. Produced from natural ingredients is very tasty, refreshing and quenches thirst.

History of kvass started around the tenth century, and its invention is attributed to the Slavs. Europe to appreciate the quality produced with hand- baked bread - kvass through the exchange of business after the year 989.  In the twentieth century the kvass has been forgotten, supplanted by sparkling waters and other sweet drinks. Only in recent years, kvass is experiencing a renaissance with increasing interest in the so-called, healthy nutrition, natural products, ecology and tradition.   

In times of present kvass is known in the World  as the natural drink, consumed  inter alia,
in Scandinavia (Norway, Finland ), Asia (Taiwan, China) and Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia) currently, produced by our company bread drink, has won many awards in prestigious national competitions of healthy organic and conventional food and thus begins to be sought after product in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland and the USA.  

Health benefits Traditional bread acid produced by the fermentation of whole wheat bread, when mixed with the water, inter alia, with the addition of sugar. It is produced by fermentation of pure bread acids, without the addition of alcohol. Bread drink beverage contains vitamins A, B, C minerals and living lactic acid bacteria. It contains no preservatives or artificial substances, is offered only in glass containers or type of keg . Natural bread drink supports the digestive system and gastric, improves mood and stabilize the immune system. Its special advantage is the natural content of vitamin B-complex of (folic acid), which according to recent studies reduces the risk of fetal malformation - expectant mothers is recommended 400 micrograms per day as a supplement to a balanced diet. Bread drink may also be useful as supplement of vitamins for people over the age of 50 whose absorption of vitamins from food is worse. (From -  Annals of Internal Medicine, Health Care Magazine,, CBS News, NPR,CNN,UPI, The Week). Combination beverage bread with proven therapeutic methods, herbal medicine or antibiotics, may significantly affect health improvement. People regularly drinking breda drink can gain three times higher resistance to illness from the flu than other people.

Organic bread drink, made ​​exclusively from certified products originating from organic farming, a guarantee of the highest quality and in addition to the health benefits of natural Bread Drink has also - because of eco origins - features of  key component of a healthy diet help in the fight against obesity.


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