N atural bread juice taste traditional, perfectly quenches thirst and refreshes. Produced exclusively from ingredients from organic farming, free from any pollution, no preservatives.

Available in 6 flavors

taste Traditional

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with Ginger

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with Raspberry Juice

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with Currant Juice

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with Cranberry Juice

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with Dried Plum

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Composition: treated water, extract of organic rye bread, eco sugar, yeast.

Pleasure and refreshment
Fight your thirst

What is organic bread acid?

A drink with an organic product certificate made from organic rye bread. All ingredients used in the production process come from organic farming and are certified as organic products.
Why should people drink organic kvass? grounds. Drinking bread has over a thousand years of tradition which confirms its good effect on the human body, because what can we say about the impact on our body Coca Cola (on the market since 1886), Pepsi (1893) Tonic (1870) or Sprite (1961)? Little.

For one's health:

Maintaining traditional recipes and a high organic product regime allows you to receive a healthy, high-quality product. Therefore, our ecological bread acid contains vitamins A, B and C, minerals, live cultures of lactic acid bacteria from fermentation and does not contain preservatives and artificial chemicals. Ecological Kvass supports
operation of our digestive and gastric system; it improves the well-being and stabilization of the immune system.

One of the main advantages is the content of B vitamins (Folic Acid), which according to the latest research reduces the risk of fetal deformity, it is recommended for future mothers to take 400 micrograms a day as a balanced diet supplement. Organic bread acid can also be helpful in increasing the absorption capacity of vitamins from food, especially for people over 50 years of age in which absorption of vitamins from food falls. Combining regular consumption of organic kvass with proven therapeutic methods and herbal medicine or regeneration after antibiotic therapy can significantly affect to improve health. People who regularly drink organic kvass can gain up to three times more resistance to getting flu than others.

To support your body

The organic bread acid of EKO NATURA is produced exclusively using ecologically certified ingredients, which guarantees high quality, because of its organic purity, ecological bread acid is also an important component of a healthy diet in the fight against overweight. Wydawnictwo has recognized, among others, bread acid for a probiotic drink, with the reservation that it must be naturally produced bread made from quality-tested ingredients. Drinking organic bread acid after physical exercise or sports training allows you to supplement carbohydrates, supports the process of oxygenating the muscles, accelerating the regeneration of the body.