Silver Swallow

The award of the Silver Swallows awarded in the competition Master of Agriculture and Processing for "Kvass bread drink with honey and lemon"

Tastes Crucible

The "Tygiel Smaków" award in three years in a row from 2009/2010/2011 in the Provincial Competition for traditional products "Tygiel Smaków". Based on the obtained results, it was confirmed that the product "Traditional bread acid" is characterized by the appropriate microbiological features and the desired organoleptic quality. The Commission paid attention to the original flavor of bread acid and to health benefits.

Diploma of recognition

The Łódź Agricultural Advisory Center with headquarters in Bartoszewice grants the "Diploma of Recognition" for tireless cultivating culinary heritage, active activity in restoring our culture traditional flavors "Our culinary heritage - Tastes of Regions" during the XIX Promotional and Commercial Agricultural Exhibition "ROL-CHANCE 2010".

Tree of Life

"Tree of Life" 2009 in the category "Closer to Health, Closer to Nature" awarded at the XXIX Trade Fair Company PPUH Eko-Natura - Ryszard Oleszczak from Łask for the product Natural Bread Acid and Beet Juice.

Polish Food Producer

Nomination in the provincial stage of the 13th edition of the POLISH FOOD PRODUCER 2009 competition.