BREAD DRINK Traditional

N atural bread acid traditional taste, does not contain koserwantów, perfectly quenches thirst and refreshes. The product has been entered on the List of Traditional Products kept by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Available in 5 flavors

taste Traditional

Package: 0,33l I 2l

with Honey

Package: 0,33l

taste Raspberry

Package: 0,33l

with the Addition of Hops

Package: 0,33l

taste Dried Fruit

Package: 0,33l

Composition: treated water, rye bread extract, sugar, yeast

Pleasure and refreshment
Fight your thirst!

Bread drink. What is this?

Kvass is a natural drink made from traditional Polish bread. In addition to bread, its ingredients are only sugar, water and natural yeast. In Eko-Natura we produce real kvass, which we produce based on centuries-old tradition through the fermentation of rye bread, obtaining a non-alcoholic healthy drink.

History of bread drink

Kvass acid is a drink with old traditions and numerous health and taste qualities. Made from natural ingredients, it is very tasty, refreshes and perfectly quenches thirst. The history of bread acid began around the tenth century, and its invention is attributed to the Slavs. Europe could appreciate the value of self-made bread produced - acid thanks to the economic exchange after 989. In the 20th century, the acid was forgotten, displaced by carbonated water and other sweet drinks. Only in recent years, bread acid has been experiencing a renaissance with increasing interest in the so-called healthy nutrition, natural products, ecology and tradition.

Bread drink today

Kvass remains a world-famous natural drink, it is consumed, among others, in Scandinavia (Norway, Finland), Asia (Taiwan, China) and Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia). Our bread acid currently produced by our company has won many awards at prestigious national competitions of healthy, organic and traditional food, and thanks to that it is becoming a product sought after in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland and the USA.

Health benefits of bread drink

Traditional bread acid is produced by the fermentation of wholemeal bread, after mixing it with water, with the addition of, inter alia, sugar. It is created as a result of pure fermentation of kvass, without the addition of alcohol. The bread acid drink contains vitamins A, B, C, mineral substances and live lactic acid bacteria. It does not contain any preservatives or artificial substances, it is only offered in glass keg packs. Natural bread acid supports the digestive and gastric system, improves well-being and stabilizes the immune system.